President's Message

Welcome to SOLA’s 36th year and the ASO’s 74th year!

This member’s directory has the most current and exciting information regarding our activities for the 2017-2018 year. Use it as a road map to review the Meeting and Events section for details on our annual activities, and use the Membership Roster to connect and socialize!

As always, our major fundraising efforts include, SOLA Uncorked VIII and the 31st annual Symphony Ball. This year we’re looking forward to implementing a few smaller fundraising events that we hope you will find interesting.

We are also celebrating the 42nd year of the Mary Graham Lasley Scholarship Competition for young musicians. This is an excellent opportunity to come observe and support the talent of the future.

Please mark your calendars with the date, time, and place for our SOLA activities as well as all the ASO concerts. The ASO’s 2017-2018 season will feature the final four candidates for ASO’s Music Director. Each candidate has personally chosen a program of fabulous musical selections.

We remain committed to excellence in all of our programs and activities. To do this successfully, we need all of you to bring your time, talents, and commitment to SOLA and the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra.

We look forward to working with all of you this year!

Our Leadership

Phyllis Sintay


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Genevieve Moorhouse


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Executive Board

Recording Secretary: Jane Ring

Corresponding Secretary: Jenny Indelicato

Treasurer: Jo-Ann Royer

Immediate Past President: Sharon Walker

Standing Committee Chairs

Symphony Ball: 

Auctions: Meaghan Curry, Susan Yonts-Shepard

Ball Registrars: Jane Ring and Anna Russi

Patrons’ Reception: Ruth Kupperschlag, Susan Yonts-Shepard

Ball Baskets: Sue Aland, Jennifer Van Goethem

SOLA Uncorked, Meaghan Curry, Michele Moorhouse

Vendor Sales: Michele Moorhouse


Directory: Miriam Browning

Newsletter Editors: Julie Lineberry, Michele Moorhouse

Mary Graham Lasley (MGL) Scholarship Competition: Jacque Knight, Susan Sticha, Sharon Walker

MGL Advisor and Trustee: Jane Ring

Concerto Foundation: Miriam Browning



Hospitality: Michele Moorhouse

Spring Luncheon: 

Historian: Patricia Schmid

Webmaster: Genevieve Moorhouse

ASO Office Coordinators: Margaret Hodges, Yo Frommer

Concert Ushers: Trudie Williams

Assistant Treasurer: Suzanne Morrison

Treasurer Emeritus: Becky Davies